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Projects and Reports

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Collaborative Report by the We Can't Police the Pandemic Dialogue Organizers

This report documents the comments made by panelists of the We Can't Police the Pandemic Dialogue Series. 

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Collaborative Report by the CCLA and the Policing the Pandemic Mapping Project

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Infographic for community use

This infographic came out of our first dialogue. Please download and share widely!

The CCLA’s second report of the COVID-19 period, co-authored with the Policing the Pandemic Mapping Project, focuses in more detail on one aspect of Canada’s pandemic response: the use of coercive fines and law enforcement to respond to a public health crisis.  


COVID Cops 902 - Nova Scotia

This website is a community tool to track policing during the COVID-19 epidemic. This tool was started by community members so that we can see what is happening on the ground and hold police accountable.


Tracking the Policing of COVID-19 Across Canada

The Policing the Pandemic Mapping Project was launched on 4 April, 2020 to track and visualize the massive and extraordinary expansions of police power in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the unequal patterns of enforcement that may arise as a result. The project aims to bring to light COVID-19 related patterns of police intervention to help understand who is being targeted, what justifications are being used by police, and how marginalized people are being impacted.

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The National Security Police State always uses crisis like this to expand oppression, to expand surveillance, accumulate new weapons, push boundaries and justify its violence. In this part we discuss race disguised as a biological category versus a political one; "immunity passports" and public health surveillance.

The following document is an accessible platform to be able to perform activism from your home, created for folks who are, or live with immunocompromised people. That being said, everyone is still welcomed to use it. There is an emphasis on the current Black Lives Matter Movement. 

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